Farmers in focus: Finger on the pulse of new local markets
June 20th, 2016

André Jurrius is an organic farmer in the Netherlands who experiments with annual legume crops, and along with other farmers and food processors, is building new local markets. My name is André Jurrius and I am an organic farmer. For the past decade, I have been farming in the Netherlands, a stones throw from the … Read moreFarmers in focus: Finger on the pulse of new local markets

Cisterns transform lives in the Brazilian semi-arid
September 22nd, 2015

Márcia Patrícia is a family farmer in the Brazilian semi-arid. Active participation in the local rural workers union and access to water capture and storage technology transformed her life. My name is Márcia Patrícia and like the great majority of women in the semi-arid I was destined by local custom to travel long distances to … Read moreCisterns transform lives in the Brazilian semi-arid

Changing face of urban agriculture
June 9th, 2015

Dominic Machingura is an urban farmer in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is determined to prove the potential of urban agriculture to produce organic food and generate an income. “Many believe growing food is for society’s ‘less privileged’. Starting in my community, I set out to change this false belief. I want to prove the potential to … Read moreChanging face of urban agriculture