What we do

At ILEIA, our core business is connecting science, movement and practice to build the collective pool of knowledge to amplify agroecology. This is the backbone for our advocacy and for publishing Farming Matters magazine. We share our experience and expertise by providing:


Collaborate with us

We are keen to build new collaborations.  We work in a flexible and collaborative way by tailoring our approaches to suit each specific context.

Our team has experience working together with and supporting a range of farmer organisations, NGOs, multilateral institutions and other organisations, including:

  • La Via Campesina
  • FIAN
  • FAO
  • IFAD
  • AgroEcology Fund
  • Groundswell International
  • Bioversity International
  • Oxfam – Novib

We are one of the founders of the Voedsel Anders network in the Netherlands and Belgium.