Outcomes regional meetings on agroecology

6 July 2016

In an effort to embed agroecology within local and regional realities, three regional meetings on agroecology were organised in 2015: one for Latin America and the Caribbean, one for Africa and one for Asia and the Pacific. ILEIA and the AgriCultures Network have documented the outcomes of the meeting in each region.

The meetings were an initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Agroecology was discussed in the context of its contributions to food and nutrition security and climate change. Civil society, policy makers, researchers and farmers shared their views on the relevance of agroecology to the needs of family farmers and discussed how to spread agroecology through practice, research and policy.

A series of recommendations resulted from each regional seminar. What emerged was the need to transform knowledge building and research, and for bold policy change, including the creation of appropriate markets to further agroecology in the regions. While the opportunity to discuss agroecology in the region was welcomed, bolder steps are needed to embed agroecology in future agricultural development, with farmers at the centre.